Open position for a PhD candidate: Engineering and Applying E. coli for the Production of an Antibiotic in Microbial Co-Culture

October 20, 2022

Open position for a PhD candidate

The successful implementation of a circular bioeconomy is one of the pillars for a CO2 neutral living style in the future. Consequently, novel production approaches are necessary to expand the current product portfolio. This will be achieved by exploiting the potential of interacting microbes instead of focusing on mono-cultures alone.

As part of the DFG priority program ‘InterZell’, research studies will be performed at the Institute of Biochemical Engineering (IBVT) to establish a microbial E. coli consortium for the production of an antibiotic compound. In close collaboration with another academic partner, strains will be engineered and deployed in multi- and single- compartment bioreactors.

PhD candidates should offer a proactive attitude for problem solution. You should love to engineer strains, perform bioreactor studies and quantify results, e.g. in bioprocess models. Ideally, you are trained as a master of science or master of engineering with particular skills in ‘Chemical and Biochemical Engineering’, ‘Bioengineering’, ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Technical Biology’ or similar programs. You will be payed with 2/3 E13 for the 3 years project. 

Candidates should provide a letter of motivation for the specific research project, a CV and copies of their degree certificates. The research project is supposed to start in December 2022.

Applications should be send to the PI:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Takors
Institut für Bioverfahrenstechnik (IBVT) / Institute of Biochemical Engineering
Allmandring 31
70569 Stuttgart

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