Publications DFG SPP "InterZell"

SPP 2170 publications

Publications of research papers and reviews in the context related to the DFG SPP 2170 priority program.

Schlembach, Ivan; Grünberger, Alexander; Rosembaum, Miriam A.; Regestein, Lars 2021: Measurement Techniques to Resolve and Control Population Dynamics of Mixed-Culture Processes. Trends in Biotechnology 21

David JR, Noack S (2020) Editorial overview: Causes and biotechnological application of microbial metabolic specialization. Curr Opin Biotechnol 62


Kappelmann J, Klein B, Papenfuß M, Lange J, Blombach B, Takors R, Wiechert W, Polen T, Noack S (2021). Comprehensive Analysis of C. glutamicum Anaplerotic Deletion Mutants Under Defined D-Glucose Conditions. Front Bioeng Biotechnol 8, 1549.


Burmeister B, Akhtar Q, Hollmann L, Tenhaef N, Sokolowsky S, Marienhagen M, Noack S, Kohlheyer K, Grünberger A (2021) (Optogenetic) control of synthetic microbial co-culture interactions on single-cell level. ACS Synth Biology (under review)


Noack S, Baumgart M (2019) Communities of Niche-Optimized Strains: Small-Genome Organism Consortia in Bioproduction. Trends Biotechnol 37(2):126-139


Briesen, H.; Schmideder, S. & Müller, H.
Morphological characterization and modeling of filamentous fungi
4th Indo-German Workshop on Advances in Reaction and Separation processes, 2020

Schmideder, S. & Briesen, H.
Following fungal features - Micromorphology and diffusivity of filamentous fungal pellets revealed by three-dimensional imaging and simulation
Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology, 2021

Müller, H.; Schmideder, S.; Barthel, L.; Niessen, L.; Meyer, V. & Briesen, H.
Optimized X-ray microcomputed tomography and 3D volumetric image processing of filamentous fungal pellets
ProcessNet Jahrestagung (online Event), 2020

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