Publications DFG SPP 2170 "InterZell"

SPP 2170 publications

Publications of research papers, review papers - or conference contributions related to the DFG SPP 2170 priority program.

Schlembach, Ivan; Grünberger, Alexander; Rosenbaum, Miriam A.; Regestein, Lars 2021: Measurement Techniques to Resolve and Control Population Dynamics of Mixed-Culture Processes. Trends in Biotechnology 21

David JR, Noack S. 2020: Editorial overview: Causes and biotechnological application of microbial metabolic specialization. Curr Opin Biotechnol 62

Kappelmann J, Klein B, Papenfuß M, Lange J, Blombach B, Takors R, Wiechert W, Polen T, Noack S. 2021: Comprehensive Analysis of C. glutamicum Anaplerotic Deletion Mutants Under Defined D-Glucose Conditions. Front Bioeng Biotechnol 8, 1549

Burmeister B, Akhtar Q, Hollmann L, Tenhaef N, Sokolowsky S, Marienhagen M, Noack S, Kohlheyer K, Grünberger A. 2021: (Optogenetic) control of synthetic microbial co-culture interactions on single-cell level. ACS Synth Biology (under review)

Noack S, Baumgart M. 2019: Communities of Niche-Optimized Strains: Small-Genome Organism Consortia in Bioproduction. Trends Biotechnol 37(2):126-139

Briesen, H.; Schmideder, S. & Müller, H.
Morphological characterization and modeling of filamentous fungi. Conference contribution:4th Indo-German Workshop on Advances in Reaction and Separation processes, 2020 

Schmideder, S. & Briesen, H.
Following fungal features - Micromorphology and diffusivity of filamentous fungal pellets revealed by three-dimensional imaging and simulation. Conference contribution: Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology, 2021

Müller, H.; Schmideder, S.; Barthel, L.; Niessen, L.; Meyer, V. & Briesen, H.
Optimized X-ray microcomputed tomography and 3D volumetric image processing of filamentous fungal pellets. Conference contribution: ProcessNet Jahrestagung (online Event), 2020


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