SPP2170 "InterZell" Events & PhD Program

Schedule for InterZell events and the associated PhD program

InterZell wants to promote the networking of engineers and natural scientists, supported by the coordinator. Interactions between engineering and natural sciences on the one hand and the connection of theory and experiment on the other hand are both important. Therefore, networking events, summer schools and status seminars offer a good basis.
The Kickoff 2020 was our first networking event. It took place in Stuttgart. All project partners presented their upcoming research, milestones and further research work.

  • Kickoff 2020 (February 20-21)
  • Sommer School 2020 (July 29-30/31)
  • Spring School 2021 (March 18-19)
  • Online Status Seminar 2021 (March 18)
  • Status Meeting 2021 (July 29-30)
  • Final Meeting 2022 (TBA)

You will receive an update of the agenda and the link for WebEx the week before the status meeting. We are very much looking forward to "meeting", learning more, and sharing and networking virtually about project research.

For InterZell PhD Students

We offer workshops and summer schools. Once they are launched, the information can be found here. The summer school 2020 is scheduled for July 29-30 online, hosted at the University of Stuttgart. thank you all for participating and networking. The presentations of the key note speakers can be downloaded in DaRUS. Please log in with your accounts. 

Summer School 2020 “Scale up”:

    • International Keynote speaker 'Scale up'

    • Workshop for Patent Management

    • Workshop for Data Management

    • Workshop Material Self-learning

  • Spring School 2021

    • Workshop Data Analysis
    • Workshop Scientific Writing for Life Science and Engineering
    • Workshop Material for Self-learning 
  • Summer/Spring School 2021 "Mixed and synthetic co-cultures", NN:

    • International Keynote speakers

    • Cell-Cell-Interaction; Cell-Bioreactor-Interaction

    • Workshops : will be announced
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Ralf Takors


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Martina Rehnert

Koordinationsassistenz DFG SPP 2170 „InterZell“

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