DFG SPP 2170 "InterZell" Team

An introduction to the InterZell team as well as to the (elected) advisory board

Coordinator of the InterZell Selforganization is Prof. Ralf Takors. He is supported by the advisory board of the self-organization of InterZell.  At the kickoff 2020 the advisory board, the women representative and an ombudsperson for the self-organization were elected by all researchers. Please find the board members and other responsible persons regarding their function here.

Our researchers come from Institutes and Universities of all parts of Germany. Please find the PI´s of the research groups of our InterZell community here.

Social Media & PR

You can stay in touch with us via Social Media, on Twitter and Instagram or LinkedIn. We would be delighted if you share, tweet, like and communicate with us!

This image shows Ralf Takors

Ralf Takors

Prof. Dr.-Ing.


This image shows Martina Rehnert

Martina Rehnert


Project Manager DFG SPP 2170 „InterZell“

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